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Genres: Drama/Heavy Drama/Comedy

Running Time: 5:01

Color / Sound

Includes: Television / Film; Network / Cable.

Lead, Supporting Lead, Guest-Star material.

Chicago Med, Ep. 520
Season 5 Finale

Running Time: 1:44

(British) Party-Man-Child Christian Edwards is a heroin addict brought into the ER by ex-gal pal Dr. Hannah Asher, but how will her new beau Dr. Will Halstead feel about treating him?

The Mindy Project, Ep. 609
The Good Wife, Ep. 717

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Commercial Highlights


Running Time: 1:26

Color / Sound

Includes: Verizon; ESPN/Dannon; Wendy's

Lead/Principal Roles

Verizon Commercial


Running Time: 1:10

Color / Sound

Company: Verizon

Lead Role.