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"Jonathan did a great job for us on the penultimate episode of The Mindy Project playing Dr. Montpelier, a French physician leading an altruistic and ludicrously dangerous mission to Africa.  I was determined to cast a French actor because accents are so hard to pull off consistently and fake ones really ring false for me.  We occasionally improvise on some takes so I also needed someone who could think on their feet, and get the tone and humor on our show. When I saw Jonathan’s audition, I knew I had found our Doctor, and was delighted that we found an actual French actor here in Los Angeles who was sharp and funny.  Jonathan really delivered during the shoot.  His first takes were great, and every subsequent take he would bring something fresh. He follows direction, and held his own with our cast, staying in the moment and clearly enjoying himself.  On his last night shooting, he came up to me and said his normal NY accent!  My jaw must have hit the floor....I didn’t know if I should be impressed by his dedication and skill to flawlessly maintain the character on camera and off, through many conversations with cast and crew, or if my feelings were hurt because he “lied” to me!  I have chosen to be impressed, and I am certain that our paths will cross again!"

- Michael Spiller,

Emmy-winning Director / Executive Producer,

The Mindy Project, Modern Family

Jonathan Roumie - Actor/Chameleon
"Total commitment...Profound talent."
- Salvador Litvak, Director - Saving Lincoln
"Outstanding...Quick witted and able to improv, without losing the essence of the character or the scene."
- Michael Kang, Director - West 32nd
The kind of actor you end up writing additional scenes for...Incredibly versatile...
A director's dream."
- Matt Sophos*,  Director/Writer - Lost Planet 3
(*WGA Nominee)
Jonathan Roumiie - Actor/Chameleon
Jonathan Roumie - Lost Planet 3
"Amazing to work with....
Extremely talented and adaptable."
- Sam Jaeger, Actor/Director - Parenthood
"Incredibly compelling...innate comedic timing...
Able to strike emotionally dramatic draw an audience in... The kind of actor who brings many facets to the table... A consummate professional.”
- Suzanne Herrington, VP Production/Development – Ocean Pictures
JONATHAN ROUMIE as the capricious Sick Boy brings such a genuineness to his role that it is rather jarring when he takes his curtain call being reminded it was only a performance.”    - WORKING AUTHOR
Jonathan Roumie - Celebrity Commitment, Indy Gratitude
Jonathan Roumie is "Mezmerizing".
“JONATHAN ROUMIE [is], completely mesmerizing.”  - BACKSTAGE
“Blisteringly powerful performances...”    - LA WEEKLY
The entire cast, including...Jonathan Roumie as the antagonistic, wounded killer, give astoundingly powerful performances.”    - ARTSBEAT LA
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